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  • FYFB Open House & Volunteer Recognition
  • In Memory of Trudy Couture
  • Second Annual Lucky Ball tix and sponsorship details
  • A Holiday message from FYFB Board President Chris Murphy

What's Happening @ FYFB

FYFB Open House
Wednesday November 27. 6:30pm-9:00pm

FYFB. Fort York Food Bank. Open House Wednesday November 27FYFB will host an open house for friends, volunteers, community leaders and donors to learn of the many ways FYFB helps people in need and to help honour some of our dedicated volunteers.

A dinner will be prepared by a team of volunteers from Telus in FYFB’s community kitchen, donated by local businesses. FYFB will provide tours to give visitors an opportunity to meet some of the people whose lives have been impacted positively by and through FYFB.

The event will take place Wednesday, November 27 at FYFB, located at 797 Dundas St. W, one block west of Bathurst on the south side of Dundas. TTC service is provided by the Dundas streetcar.

In Memory of Trudy Couture

FYFB. Fort York Food Bank. In Memory of Trudy CoutureIt is with extreme sadness that the FYFB community received news of the passing of longtime dedicated volunteer and Board of Directors member for the past five years, Trudy Connors-Couture, on Friday, August 9, 2013.

“I volunteered with Trudy for a number of years and remember her for the tireless service she provided to FYFB,” recalled FYFB Director Ravi Sreedharan. “The respect she commanded was illustrated by her being elected as the volunteers' representative on our Board of Directors. I could always call on Trudy to help with an event, to fill in Saturdays when I was away or to get an honest perspective on something. She will be very much missed by all of us.”

“I started assisting with registration of food bank clients about three years ago. Trudy trained me. She provided all the guidance and assistance I needed. She was very humorous and made my volunteering experience so fun and enjoyable. She acted like my mom in Toronto, my close friend, and my advisor. She contributed a lot to FYFB and she will be dearly missed by her friends here at the food bank,” said Jenny Kwong.

“During the time I spent at Fort York Food Bank I had the honor of meeting a vibrant and strong female by the name of Trudy Couture,” recalled Aryan Esgandanian. “She was resilient, compassionate and extraordinary in helping people. When I stepped into the food bank she welcomed me with open arms and introduced me to everyone. This was only a glimpse of Trudy and her ability to care for people. Her sense of humor was charismatic and infectious. She was a teacher, mother, friend, counsellor and a board member. Trudy was my mentor and a great friend. I will treasure every memory I have with her.”

FYFB. Fort York Food Bank. In Memory of Trudy CoutureFYFB’s Program Manager Mike Schoonheyt stated: “I worked with Trudy for about 5 years and we miss her. She was that straight forward type of personality that one thinks of when you remember certain teachers you had at school. Shouldn't be surprising as she was a teacher for a while.

Truds also had a big heart and always liked to be an ear for those who needed one. Especially clients with children and the children themselves. Add to that her sense of humor and you get an idea of what she was like. We often finished each other’s sentences. Like hearing yourself in stereo. She was also a Board member and quite an integral part of our family. People like Trudy are hard to replace but we at least had the chance to know her for those years and part of her is in us as an agency and a true family.

Trudy, we miss you and may you rest in peace.”

Second Annual Lucky Ball

FYFB. Fort York Food Bank. Lucky Ball 2014A group of dedicated FYFB directors and friends are in the midst of organizing the second annual Lucky Ball for this March, 2014.

The first annual event was an enormous success, raising more than $30,000 for FYFB. For advance ticket inquiries or sponsorship opportunities, please contact FYFB Directors Scott Shallow at scott@torontocondos.com or Lindsay Grange at lindsay@rethinkbreastcancer.com.

HOPE serves up cash to FYFB

FYFB. HOPE 2013 donationFor the second year in a row, Helping Other People Everywhere (HOPE) Toronto has generously donated proceeds to FYFB from HOPE Volleyball, an annual summer charitable tradition drawing thousands of sun worshipping volleyballers to Toronto Islands.

This year, thanks to proceeds generated from its 25th annual summer blast, HOPE directed $13,000 to FYFB, approximately 50% higher than the previous year.

“This was an extremely generous amount for us to receive, and we’re quite thankful that HOPE selected us as one of their two charitable recipients the past two years,” said Devi Arasanayagam, Vice-Chair, FYFB.

Nutrition Seminar Raises Donations

FYFB. Fort York Food Bank. Nutrition Seminar Raises DonationsOn Sunday, July 28, nutritionist Julie Daniluk, who has hosted the Healthy Gourmet on OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network) and a health expert on the Marilyn Denis and Dr. Oz shows, generously provided a seminar to 40 guests and volunteers at FYFB on how to heal inflammation. The educational session included sample baked goods prepared by FYFB volunteers taken from recipes from Ms. Daniluk’s cookbook “Meals that Heal Inflammation”.

Thanks to Ms. Daniluk, her husband Alan who provided free coffee from Rise, Brad Werne of the Carleton Bulk Barn, and the many generous donors of silent auction items, the event was a success with approximately $2,000 raised to support FYFB’s programs and services.

Letter from FYFB Board of Directors President Chris Murphy

FYFB. FYFB Board of Directors President Chris MurphyAs the cold weather takes hold and holidays come upon us in Toronto, it can serve as a reminder of some of the challenges many of the residents of our city face on a daily basis.

The population using FYFB’s services lives in extreme poverty in the downtown Toronto area. We assist a diverse group of people comprised of various family sizes and ethno-cultural communities who survive on an average of less than $4 per day after paying for their occupancy expenses. The vast majority of our clients are recently unemployed or underemployed. FYFB recently completed its annual survey of a sample of its clients. We use this survey to understand our clients’ needs and preferences and to assess how we are serving them and in which areas we can improve.

Overall, the data indicates a significant portion of our client base continues to be immigrants to Canada, often requiring translation support. Our clients live within our community, with 80% of survey respondents within walking or biking distance. The majority of the remainder who responded to the survey arrive by TTC (Note: a map of our service boundaries in the west part of downtown Toronto is available here). Greater than 95% of survey respondents are very or somewhat satisfied with how comfortable and welcomed they feel at FYFB, and greater than 90% of them are very or somewhat satisfied with the level of respect they receive at FYFB.

FYFB. Fort York Food Bank. In Memory of Trudy CoutureFYFB provides the integrated set of services they require to reintegrate with our community. We do this through the support of our community, including local businesses and large companies, and volunteers; we only have one have paid staff person. Approximately 95% of our fiscal 2013 donations went directly into programs. Due to our efficiency, Charity Intelligence has selected FYFB as one of its Top Picks four year in a row. There are a couple of important ways you or your company can assist our efforts, through donations or by volunteering.

On a separate note, I would like to thank FYFB’s Board of Directors for selecting me as its new President. I’m humbled to have been chosen to succeed Ravi Sreedharan, who helped found FYFB more than 15 years ago. Words can’t convey how important Ravi has been and continues to be to FYFB. I will endeavour to honour him by doing the best I can as his successor on the board.

In closing, I would like to thank you for your continued support of FYFB and I would like to wish you a happy holiday season.

Chris Murphy

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 27 November
Annual FYFB Open House - rsvp to events@fyfb.com.
Click here for Open House invitation.
Tuesday 31 December
12:00 midnight
2013 Midnite Run.
Visit midniteruntoronto.com for details.
March 2014
(date to be announced)
Second Annual Lucky Ball - advance ticket inquiries events@fyfb.com.

Ways to Get Involved at FYFB

Do you know someone who'd be interested in the great work FYFB does? Tell them about us by clicking here or participate in one of the events posted at fyfb.com/events.

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